Meeting Keza

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Keza Baby

"She is so sweet and so beautiful! How long has she been a part of your family?"

I told the woman four months. But Keza, baby, you were our family long before we looked into those deep brown eyes for the very first time. You were our family before we hopped a plane to Africa, before we signed a bunch of papers and paid a bunch of money. Keza baby, you were ours before you were even born, before we asked for you, before we wanted you.

I don't know how He does it, but He does it and He does it dramatically, spectacularly! He designs our hearts, He hides our dreams and our hopes and our children somewhere in the deep places. And when the time is right, when He knows we are ready, when it is HIS time and HIS place and everything is positioned, when He sets all the peices in motion and they obey, we are amazed. Keza baby, you were part of our hearts before we knew we had hearts.

He planted you. He watered you. He grew a desire. He pushed us when we didn't even feel the hand on our backs. He led us to adoption. He led us to Africa. He led us to Rwanda. He led us to Kigali. At the right year. In the right month. At the right place. And when we held you, we knew you. Miraculously.

Keza baby, you were our family since He said so.